About 'Our Velocity'
Greetings from Bridget and Opie
Hello Family and Friends,

We have created 'Our Velocity' to share our adventures with you.   
​For those that don't know us, we are a fun-loving, thrill-seeking couple on a mission to fulfill our bucket list and live a life full of adventure and travel.  We have both decided to leave the rat race of the corporate world, and live at 'our velocity'.  We will go at our speed in our direction.  

Our master plan is to spend a third of the year IN SUNLAND, which is our home base, another third of the year in our coach motorhome ON THE ROAD, and the last third of the year in a Catamaran ON THE WATER.  We also plan on fitting in some AROUND THE WORLD travels in between.

With our first year now behind us, we have traveled to several locations and have witnessed the destructive pollution from single-use plastics including water bottles, straws and grocery bags polluting our oceans.  We have become aware of this issue, and want to make a difference by reducing our use of single-use plastic.

By changing a few simple habits, such as no longer buying bottled water, requesting 'no plastic straw' when ordering a drink, and by bringing reusable bags to the grocery store, we can make a difference!          

Let's do our part so we can continue loving life, living adventurously and making a difference!

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